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If you have been diagnosed with Cataracts, Cataract Surgery can restore your eye sight and your quality of life.  SoCal Eye doctors have been performing Cataract Surgery in Long Beach for over 50 years and treat hundreds of cataract patients every year. Our leadership in cataract treatment is based on our ability to deliver the highest levels of care and an unparalleled patient experience.  Here’s how we do it:

1. Renowned Long Beach Cataract Surgeons:

Our renowned cataract surgeons are nationally recognized specialists who not only perform cataract and implant surgery in Long Beach but also teach at area medical schools. SoCal Eye doctors perform the latest surgical techniques, have access to the latest technology and prescribe a broad range of Intraocular Lens Implant options.  They will take time during the initial consult to ask questions and help patients make the ‘right’ decisions on final implant selection.  Delivering a great patient experience and outcome is what drives us and it is why most of our new patients come to us as referrals from past patients.

As one of only five groups in California and 20 groups nationwide, our surgeons have been selected to conduct clinical trials on some of the newest implant technologies.

2. Private Cataract Surgery Center:

SoCal Eye is one of the few private ophthalmology practices that operates its own surgery center. This center, located in Lakewood, allows SoCal Eye to deliver the highest level of care and the best patient experience.

3. Latest Lens Implant Technology:

SoCal Eye offers the latest in technology and implant options to ensure fast recovery time and the best outcomes. We provide the latest generation of implantable lenses, including self-focusing, accommodating, multifocal, and astigmatism-correcting intraocular lenses. Our practice is also one of the first in Southern California to offer the new and revolutionary Light Adjustable Lens (LAL)

SoCal Eye: Long Beach Cataract Specialists

All treatment begins with a Consultation with a SoCal Eye Cataract Specialist or Cataract Surgeon in Long Beach. For Cataract Treatment in Long Beach, Cypress, Cerritos and Garden Grove. Schedule an Appointment today at (562) 531-2020 or send us an Online Consultation Request


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