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SoCal Eye has invested heavily in a State of the Art Laser Center in Los Alamitos, CA to provide the highest level of care for patients seeking Laser Vision Correction Procedures in Long Beach.  This is what LASIK patients can expect from SoCal Eye:

State of the Art Facility:
  • Lasers are extremely sensitive to environmental changes. Since fluctuations in the environment can affect surgical outcomes, SoCal Eye’s laser suite is dust-free, with digital inline humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and a dedicated climate control system.
  • We pay extreme attention to strict sterile techniques, along with laser maintenance and calibration.
  • SoCal Eye surgical assistants are certified on all our lasers, as well as surgical and sterile technique.
  • Our varied technology and extensive preoperative examinations offer patients the “best fit” for their visual needs.
The Latest Technology.
  • The Latest Technology allows SoCal Eye doctors to customize a LASIK procedure to your unique vision goals. Our surgeons can choose the equipment best suited to your specific lifestyle and anatomy.
Board Certified Refractive Surgeons:

Our refractive surgeons have performed thousands of successful LASIK procedures. In fact, because of their extensive experience, they act as clinical trainers and proctors for other refractive surgeons.

SoCal Eye: The Best Laser Vision Correction Experience in Long Beach

Commitment to Personal Care:

At SoCal Eye, we are sincerely dedicated to providing exceptional patient care. Our goal is for you to feel relaxed and confident about your entire experience with us. As one example, we believe it is crucial for you to be examined by your surgeon at the assessment appointment prior to your surgery day. This gives you the opportunity to talk to your surgeon one-on-one and discuss any and all concerns you may have before surgery.

Commitment to Education:

SoCal Eye doctors are committed to providing you the most current information regarding your vision correction. To keep abreast of the latest technological and surgical advances, our surgeons regularly attend national and international meetings, conferences, and classes. Other doctors often travel from all parts of the U.S. to observe SoCal Eye surgeons and receive ongoing education. (Any and all surgical observations are always authorized in advance by the patient involved.)

Commitment to Excellent Results:

Our follow-up with patients and continuing analysis of results allows us to maximize the effectiveness of our procedures. At SoCal Eye, excellent results and kind, compassionate care equal success–and the reason our patient base consists of over 80% referrals from satisfied patients and doctors.

SoCal Eye: Laser Vision Correction in Long Beach

All treatment begins with a Consultation with a SoCal Eye LASIK Specialist or LASIK Surgeon in Long Beach. SoCal Eye feels strongly that patients should be informed and educated on all aspects of LASIK surgery and the technologies used in order to make the best decisions.

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