Dermal Fillers

SoCal Eye and Dermal Fillers in Long Beach

Dermal Fillers or Fillers we originally developed by Ophthalmologists for ophthalmic purposes and have been a part of SoCal Eye’s practice for many years. In addition to the clinical applications, Fillers are now one of the Cosmetic Procedures performed by a skilled SoCal Eye doctor in our Los Alamitos and Long Beach office locations.

Fight Signs of Facial Aging.

It’s a part of life — our skin changes as we age. It becomes thinner, loses fat, and no longer looks as plump and smooth as it once did. Facial aging actually begins in your 20s, when skin firmness begins to decrease as a result of both internal (genetics and natural aging) and external (sun exposure, smoking, stress, etc) factors.

What are Dermal Fillers?

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in our skin that provides fullness and elasticity. As this substance diminishes with time, the skin loses its volume, creating wrinkles and folds. Replenishing hyaluronic acid with dermal fillers such as RESTYLANE®PERLANE®, and JUVEDERM® can revitalize the face and create a youthful look and over 2 1/2 million treatments are performed every year.  Dermal Fillers are commonly used cosmetic injections for adding temporary support to the skin’s structure and for replacing lost volume. These treatments are an antidote to aging and can be used to add volume and fullness to the skin to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds in the following areas:

  • Nasobial Folds. (Lines that run from your nose toward the corners of your mouth.)
  • Melomental Folds/ Marionette Lines. (Lines that run from the corners of your mouth toward the chin).
  • Orbital Troughs. (Under and around the eyes.)
  • Aging Related Temporal and Facial Hollows
  • Cheek Volume and Augmentation.
  • Lip Volume and Augmentation
  • Nose Contouring and Augmentation.
  • Chin Wrinkles

Dermal Fillers Before and After

RESTYLANE®,  PERLANE®, and JUVEDERM® provide rejuvenating cosmetic beauty treatments for a natural, younger-looking you. They well tolerated, nonsurgical, and long lasting (up to six months) treatments and can be used almost anywhere that you want a fuller skin appearance.

Postoperative Expectations and Care

Some bruising and swelling is normal after dermal filler injections. There may even be some “lumpiness” at treatment sites. This usually resolves within 1 week. In the meantime, avoid any type of facial massage for at least 48 hours after the procedure. Avoid exercise which increases your heart rate for 24-48 hours after procedure. Wash your face gently following procedure and apply make-up normally. Try to sleep on your back, if possible, for the two nights following your procedure.

Why Choose an Ophthalmologist to Perform Cosmetic Treatments?

Dermal Fillers have been a part of SoCal Eye’s Ophthalmology practice in Long Beach for over 20 years. Initially dermal fillers were developed by Ophthalmologists for clinical ophthalmic purposes but in recent years these treatments have gone mainstream as voluntary cosmetic treatments. Today they are a recognized and FDA approved solution to aging and  SoCal Eye Ophthalmologists with their extensive knowledge of facial structures and facial skin are still the best suited for providing these services.

SoCal Eye doctors are Dermal Filler specialists in Long Beach. Schedule an Appointment today at  LAKEWOOD (562) 531-2020   |   LOS ALAMITOS (562) 598-7728 or send us an Online Consultation Request

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