Cataract Technology

At SoCal Eye we offer a no-stitch, no-patch, no-shot cataract removal procedure that only takes minutes to perform in the comfort of our private surgery center. Unlike cataract surgery of the past, modern cataract surgery that is performed here at SoCal Eye has a fast recovery time and most patients can see well the very next day.

At SoCal Eye, with locations in Long Beach and Los Alamitos, our surgeons offer a wide variety of premium lens implants.These lens implants may allow patients undergoing cataract removal to reduce or possibly even eliminate the need for reading glasses or bifocals.

For patients that have mild amounts of astigmatism, our doctors can perform a limbal relaxing incision also known as a LRI. For patients that have moderate to severe amounts of astigmatism, our doctors may be able to perform cataract surgery with the use of a toric IOL lens implant. In both cases, patients that receive a LRI or toric lens implant usually have good distance vision but still require reading glasses to see at near and intermediate distances. For patients that wish to have further spectacle independence, the eye surgeons at SoCal Eye offer monovision cataract surgery and premium lens implants. Monovision cataract surgery is performed by correcting vision in one eye (usually your non-dominant eye) for up close, and your dominant eye for distance vision. If patients are familiar with using monovision contacts in the past, monovision cataract surgery may be for them. The most advanced technology offered at SoCal Eye is a premium lens implant such as a multifocal, elongated focus IOL, or an accommodative IOL. These lenses may allow patients to do most things most of the time without glasses. However, patients may still require reading glasses in poorly lit settings or to see small print such as the back of a medicine bottle.

During your cataract consultation and exam, the highly trained staff and surgeons at SoCal Eye will help determine which options are right for you.