LASIK Treatment – What to Expect

At SoCal Eye, our state-of-the-art technology and expertise allows us to provide optimal individualization for each patient. With the diversity of laser procedures available, we can offer the best fit for almost any vision issue.

Step 1. Consultation with an LASIK Surgeon:

The Advanced SoCal Eye Evaluation is a cutting-edge consultation exam designed by our doctors. Whether or not you go on to have surgery, this evaluation provides valuable information that you should know about your eye health. We perform an in depth analysis of the health of your eyes using state of the art equipment and expertise listed below. Everyone’s eyes are different, and so our goal is to determine the best option for you, not only for today, but also to keep you seeing well for a lifetime.

  1. General Health and Eye Health assessment.
  2. Comprehensive Eye Exam/ Wavefront Analysis
  3. Corneal Topography and Thickness Mapping

The goal is to measure the eye’s structures, including the curvature of the cornea so that the SoCal LASIK surgeons can personalize your LASIK treatment plan to fit your exact vision needs.

SoCal Eye doctors will take time to explain the laser vision correction procedure. The possible risks and benefits will be reviewed with you; the cost of laser vision correction will also be discussed. We encourage questions or potential concerns because our aim is to ensure that you are fully satisfied and comfortable before commencing.

Step 2. LASIK Procedure – Summary

Laser in situ keratomileusis, otherwise known as LASIK is a two-step procedure. The first step is to create a thin, circular flap in the patient’s cornea using a femtosecond laser. This allows access to the inner corneal layer where the actual vision correction treatment will happen. The second step involves the use of a computer-guided excimer laser to permanently remove small, precise quantities of tissue from the corneal layer that are distorting the passage of light and creating refractive errors.  The flap is then placed back in place to aid healing.

LASIK Procedure Step By Step:
  1. Anesthetic drops are applied to the eye. After the eye has been completely numbed, an eyelid holder is placed between the eyelids to help the patient keep their eyes open.
  2. A protective, hinged flap is created by the Femtosecond laser and gently lifted by the surgeon, revealing the inner corneal tissue. PRK (also known as Flapless LASIK or Advanced Surface Ablation) does not require a flap. SoCal Eye LASIK surgeons use the latest Femtosecond (Femto) laser, to make the precise LASIK flap. Using very low pulse energy and very short pulse width with greater frequency, the laser achieves the same smooth cut as previous generation lasers but with less energy. Lowering energy minimizes side effects and tissue stress, thereby providing increased likelihood of rapid recovery. The Femto is used in conjunction with the wavefront analysis map gathered during the LASIK Consultation to provide extremely precise treatment. More tissue is preserved and there is almost negligible production of gas bubble byproducts. All this is achieved in under 20 seconds per eye!
  3. The inner corneal layer is now reshaped with an excimer laser to correct your eye’s imperfections. The excimer laser alters the refractive state of the eye by removing tissue from the anterior cornea through a process known as photoablation. This process uses  energy from the excimer laser to disrupt chemical bonds in the cornea without causing any thermal damage to surrounding tissue. SoCal Eye use the latest  Allegretto excimer laser which uses the “wavefront-optimized” treatment plan and incorporates a number of new safety technologies. The result is a safe, precise, customized treatment and ultimately better vision while minimizing visual side effects. The Allegretto is one of the fastest lasers available. Quicker treatment is important for our patient’s comfort and safety. While the treatment is ongoing, the laser is tracking your eye position hundreds of times a second, ensuring that the treatment is accurate. If the laser cannot apply the treatment to the precise spot indicated, perfectly centered, then the safety mechanisms will halt treatment until realignment is achieved. This gives you the security that even if you were to accidentally look away or at the wrong spot, the laser will measure this change much faster than you can move your eye and stop treatment before any laser power is applied to an incorrect spot. The Allegretto additionally uses an advanced air evacuation system that keeps the air between the eye and the laser free of particles, thereby ensuring greater accuracy and efficiency.
  4. The surgeon gently replaces the flap and aligns it to its original position. It heals naturally and securely.

Post Op Results & Expectations:

Vision improvement from LASIK is experienced almost immediately but patients generally appreciate substantial improvements after 24 hours. Some initial itching or mild burning may be present in the first few hours after surgery but by these will generally subside quickly. Patients are asked to return for a Post-Operative checkup the day after surgery and one month following to ensure the cornea (s) have healed successfully.

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