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SoCal Eye Ophthalmology are Corneal Transplant Specialists in Long Beach, providing comprehensive care to address issues related to the cornea. Our team of dedicated Cornea Specialists and skilled Corneal Transplant surgeons in Long Beach, Huntington Beach, and Garden Grove are committed to restoring vision and alleviating eye pain through advanced Corneal Replacement Surgery. Embark on your journey to clearer vision by initiating a Consultation with us today. Schedule your Appointment at (562) 531-2020 or submit an Online Consultation Request

Understanding Corneal Transplant:

A Corneal Transplant, also known as corneal grafting, is a surgical procedure designed to replace a damaged or diseased portion of the cornea with healthy corneal tissue obtained from a deceased donor. The cornea, a transparent, dome-shaped structure at the front of the eye, plays a pivotal role in focusing light onto the retina for proper vision. When the cornea becomes misshapen, cloudy, or damaged beyond the scope of medical treatment, a Corneal Transplant becomes a necessary intervention.

Causes and Risk Factors for Corneal Transplant:

Several conditions may necessitate Corneal Transplant Surgery, including:

  1. Fuchs’ Dystrophy: A condition leading to the death of corneal cells.
  2. Keratoconus: A condition causing the cornea to take on a cone-shaped instead of a dome-shaped structure.
  3. Traumatic Injuries: Corneal scarring resulting from traumatic injuries to the eye.
  4. Previous Eye Surgeries: Damage to the cornea due to prior eye surgeries.
  5. Bullous Keratopathy: Blister-like swelling of the cornea causing blurred vision, discomfort, or pain.
  6. Keratitis: Inflammation of the cornea caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, or parasites.

Symptoms and Detection of Corneal Transplant Necessity:

Corneal damage or disease leading to the need for a Corneal Transplant often manifests through symptoms such as eye discomfort, pain, and blurry or cloudy vision. A thorough consultation with SoCal Eye’s Cornea Specialists is essential to accurately diagnose the need for surgery.

Cornea Transplant Treatment:

A Corneal Transplant is a transformative procedure that can restore vision, alleviate pain, and enhance the appearance of a damaged or diseased cornea. Recent advancements enable the replacement of only the specific damaged layer of the cornea, resulting in improved outcomes and quicker recovery times. Cutting-edge laser technology may also offer alternatives to traditional transplant methods.

Facts and Figures:

Corneal transplant stands out as the most commonly performed transplant operation in the United States, with approximately 40,000 procedures conducted annually, as reported by the Eye Bank Association of America.

SoCal Eye Consultation Process:

SoCal Eye Ophthalmology stands at the forefront of Corneal Transplant excellence, providing cutting-edge solutions for individuals in Long Beach and surrounding areas. Trust our dedicated team of Cornea Specialists and Surgeons to guide you through the journey of restoring your vision and enhancing the health of your eyes. Schedule your Consultation today and take the first step towards a clearer, brighter future.  Our experienced team will evaluate your condition, discuss treatment options, and guide you through the process. Schedule your Consultation today at (562) 531-2020 or conveniently submit an Online Consultation Request

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