Many people who previously would have been considered non-candidates for laser vision correction can now have a laser procedure called Advanced Surface Ablation. Formerly known as PRK, this LASIK alternative has come a long way from its beginnings as an early laser treatment first performed in Germany in 1987. Historically, one of the biggest drawbacks to PRK was the variability in healing which limited the range of predictable correction. Today, however, with advances in lasers, treatments, and pharmaceuticals, these problems have been essentially solved.

Now known as Advanced Surface Ablation, this surgical procedure is effective in correcting almost any degree of refractive error—from nearsightedness to farsightedness to astigmatism. Technically, it’s simpler than LASIK because no corneal flap is created; the surgeon removes a portion of the cornea’s surface cells, and uses the excimer laser to vaporize away microscopic amounts of corneal tissue. By modifying the shape of the cornea, light rays are allowed to focus correctly on the retina to provide clear vision.

Results for previous non-candidates with Advanced Surface Ablation have been excellent. In fact, for certain patients, it is the laser procedure of choice. At SoCal Eye, we are proud to offer Advanced Surface Ablation as an effective laser option for those who are not LASIK candidates.