Southern California optometrists have referred their patients to SoCal Eye for eye surgery for over 40 years. Now, because of recent updates in Medicare protocol, primary care optometrists can partner with our surgeons by providing patients with pre- and post-operative visits. This approach ensures that patients benefit from exceptional surgical skill and state-of-the-art technology, while also enjoying convenient continuity of care from their regular optometrist.

Benefits to the PATIENT:
  • Convenience of not traveling for post-op visits
  • Peace of mind knowing that the surgeon has been better by their optometrist
  • Working wit the doctor they know and trust
Benefits to the OPTOMETRIST:
  • Improved goodwill, resulting from the patients knowing that the optometrist has his or her best interest as the guiding principle in their care 
  • Establishment and solidification of a life long relationship with the patient, not limited to just purchase of glasses or contacts
  • Ability to bill Medicare directly for services rendered by Optometrist 


At SoCal Eye, our goal is to make our surgical patients’ experience as pleasant as possible. We feel confident in our co-managing partners to see post-op patients and to give them the best possible post-op care along the way. Ask us about working with your doctor of optometry to co-manage your procedure

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