Is LASIK Painful?

What to Expect from LASIK Surgery & Recovery

Even though LASIK corrective eye surgery is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure, many patients are understandably nervous about undergoing any kind of surgery. Rest assured there is nothing to fear.

The promise of a lifetime of clear vision awaits on the other side of a LASIK procedure but it is not uncommon for prospective patients to hesitate and wonder what it will be like. The reality is that LASIK surgery and recovery is only mildly uncomfortable, and patients should be unconcerned.  The LASIK specialists from SoCal Eye in Long Beach are here to help enlighten, educate, and reassure. Here’s what patients need to know about LASIK surgery and what to expect during and after the procedure.  

The Free LASIK Consultation

Everyone’s eyes are different, and so the goal of the LASIK Consultation is to determine the best option for each patient and create a customized treatment plan. The consultation is much more than a standard eye exam and involves a couple of critical steps.

  1. General Health and Eye Health Assessment:
  2. Comprehensive Eye Exam/ Wavefront Analysis:
  3. Corneal Topography:
  4. Patient Education:

During the consultation, SoCal Eye LASIK Surgeons will take time to explain the laser vision correction procedure. There is no discomfort during this Free LASIK Consultation

The LASIK Surgery Procedure

When a patient goes in for your LASIK surgery, the LASIK eye doctor will begin by applying numbing eye drops. These anesthetic drops will keep the eyes numb throughout the entire procedure and prevent the patient from experiencing anything more than slight discomfort.

As the surgery begins, the LASIK Surgeon will create a small flap in the cornea with a laser called a microkeratome. Patients often expect this portion of the procedure to be painful, but in fact, they don’t feel anything more than a slight pressure. The discomfort is minimal. This step of the procedure takes approximately a minute.

After the LASIK doctor creates the flap, they will use a laser to reshape the cornea. As this is happening, a special tool will be used to hold the corneal flap open. While this part of the surgery may feel odd, it’s typically neither uncomfortable nor painful.

LASIK surgery generally takes about 5-10 minutes per eye with much of that time spent preparing the patient and laser time taking literally seconds. Most patients say that their LASIK surgery was far faster and less uncomfortable than they expected. For those with a heightened degree of anxiety, the LASIK Surgeon can use anti-anxiety medications to make the patient feel more at ease.

Recovering from LASIK

The patient can go home without minimal delay after the procedure. The anesthetic eye drops will likely wear off within a few hours. The patient can expect to experience some sensitivity to light, watery eyes, and mild to moderate discomfort.

Typically, patients find that over-the-counter pain medication or even a simple nap is enough to ease the discomfort they may feel after surgery. This recovery period is generally around 4 hours. In the rare event of eye pain, the patient should contact their LASIK surgeon without delay.

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LASIK is a life-changing procedure that can deliver amazing results. If you have more questions about LASIK surgery and the subsequent recovery process, SoCal Eye LASIK specialists in Long Beach can assist with a Free LASIK Consultation.  Contact SoCal Eye today to schedule a Free LASIK Consultation. Call (562) 531-2020   or Schedule Online

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