What is 20/20 Vision?

Visual Acuity and 20/20 Vision 20/20 vision has become a standard metric for good eyesight and is synonymous with vision clarity and sharpness. 20/20 is a measurement of vision acuity but what is it and what does 20/20 mean?   Visual Acuity: Visual acuity is the one of the most common vision measurements and is […]

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Eye Protection for the Summer of 2021

The Summer of 2021 is here and families will become engaged in all manner of activities including a variety of sporting activities. SoCal Eye highly recommends the use of the right kind of eye protection while engaged in these activities as this can help prevent serious eye injuries and ensure a happy summer. Each year […]

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The Free LASIK Consultation – What to Expect.

LASIK has become a household word that is recognized almost universally and over 30 million people have undergone LASIK surgery since the FDA approved the procedure in 1999. Over 700,000 American every year choose to correct their vision and transform their lives using this procedure. But how does LASIK Work? What might a patient expect [...] Read More

LASIK Eye Surgery Cost and LASIK Financing

As patients begin to consider LASIK as an option for refractive vision correction, three very common questions are:  What is the cost of LASIK Surgery? Does Insurance cover LASIK Surgery and are there LASIK financing options available? SoCal Eye will answer these three questions as a way to help prospective LASIK candidates decide as to […]

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6 Common Questions about Cataract Surgery

SoCal Eye doctors have been treating cataract patients in Long Beach since 1964. Here are some of the most common questions regarding cataracts and cataract surgery. What Causes a Cataract? Studies on the cause of cataracts show that cataracts typically occur as a result of aging. In a rare number of cases, injury to the [...] Read More

Eye Care for Seniors

Eye care for seniors is important. Vision changes occur as you get older and as you reach your 60s and beyond, you need to be aware of the warning signs of age-related eye health problems that could cause vision loss. Many eye diseases progress slowly and are painless and may go undetected without proper care […]

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Senior Eye Care and Medicare

  In most cases Seniors become eligible for Medicare after the age of 65 and a commonly asked question of Eye Doctors is Does Medicare cover eye exams and vision care? The answer is that under Medicare (parts A and B), routine eye exams and eyeglasses are not covered items but certain parts of common Senior […]

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Summer Is Here – Be Kind To Your Eyes

As we pass through Spring Break the promise of warm summer sunshine is upon us. The days are longer and it’s time to hit the beach, the lake or the golf course. However, the sun is stronger during the summer months and it is important to protect your eyes from too much ultraviolet radiation exposure. […]

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Presbyopia. A Natural Sign of Aging

If you are over 40, have you suddenly discovered a new need to reach for the ‘readers’ or hold your phone at arm’s length to better focus on the screen? The reason is most likely Presbyopia. Originally a Greek term that when translated means ‘old eye’, Presbyopia, is a very common phenomenon in patients over [...] Read More

Pediatric Vision Health – Some Behaviors to Look Out For

Pediatric Vision Health. Many vision issues can be difficult to detect and frequently are undiagnosed by a pediatrician’s routine vision screenings or during every day school interactions. Unfortunately, many children with undetected vision problems struggle at school and can be misdiagnosed with ADHD or reading issues. Often times all they really need is vision correction […]

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