Q: Do I need Glasses After Cataract Surgery?

A: With any medical procedure, there are no universal absolutes. However, thanks to medical advancements in lens technology, some patients can significantly reduce and possibly eliminate the need for reading glasses or bifocals following cataract surgery.

Monofocal lenses (standard lenses covered by insurance) placed after cataract surgery allow patients to have cataract free vision, but some patients, especially those with astigmatism, will require glasses to see well in the distance and will definitely require glasses for reading.

For patients that have mild astigmatism and wish to reduce the need for glasses to see well in the distance without glasses, SoCal Eye surgeons can often perform a procedure called an LRI, or Limbal Relaxing Incision. For patients that have moderate to severe amounts of astigmatism, our surgeons might be able to use a Toric lens implant to correct for the astigmatism. Patients who undergo astigmatism correction usually do not have to wear glasses for distance vision, but will require reading glasses to see well up close.

For patients that wish to reduce or possibly even eliminate reading glasses or bifocals,  our surgeons can often use a premium lens implant if the patient is a good candidate. These lenses are designed to all allow most patients to do most things without glasses. Patients that undergo cataract surgery with a premium IOL may still require glasses to see up close in a dark setting or fine print such as the back of a medicine bottle.

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