What is Entropion?


Q: I’m 57 and my lower eyelid keeps turning inward and my eyelashes keep rubbing against my eye, what could be causing this?

A: It sounds like you have a condition called an Entropion. A healthy eyelid hugs the eye to keep the eye moist and healthy, but as we age, the tissue holding the eyelid tightly in place can become weak and turn outward or inward. When the eyelid turns outward, this condition is called Ectropion, and if it turns inwards, it’s called Entropion. There are many causes for this condition including scarring, eye infections, spasms, but most often is caused by genetics. The symptoms include redness and pain around the eye, sagging skin or droopy eyelids, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to wind and blurry vision. Blurry vision is usually caused from an irritated or damaged cornea.


If left untreated, an Entropion can cause mild to severe irritation, corneal scarring or permanent vision loss due to corneal scarring. Treatment options include the use of artificial tears or ointments, which can temporarily help with irritation, but surgery is often required to fully correct the condition.


If you feel you have this condition, I would recommend seeing your eye care professional as soon as possible for proper diagnoses and treatment. Remember, the longer this condition goes untreated, the greater the chance for permanent corneal scarring and possible vision loss.

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