Excessive Tearing?

If your eyes are tearing up frequently this summer, here’s some news you might not be aware of.

Excessive tearing is a frequent symptom of dry eye disease. This sounds counterintuitive, but many patients we see have a deficiency in the quality rather than the quantity of their tears. This abnormality of the tears allows dry spots to form on the surface of the eye, and the eye’s natural reflex is to release more tears. Many patients who experience this symptom also notice eye redness, eye discomfort, and a general itchy, gritty, or sandy sensation about the surface of the eye.

Do you have symptoms like these? There are many treatment options available that may be well suited to your specific dry eye needs. To learn more, we recommend having an evaluation at our office. The reason we suggest this is that many practices will misdiagnose other things, e.g. ocular allergies, as dry eye disease, prescribing a regimen of eye drops that do little or nothing to help with the actual problem. Call SoCal Eye today!

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