Limbal Relaxing Incisions

Limbal Relaxing Incisions Long BeachAstigmatic Keratotomy, or more recently known as Limbal Relaxing Incisions (LRIs), are used in conjunction with other procedures to address astigmatism. Astigmatism means that the cornea is not perfectly round, as would be a basketball, but rather shaped more like an American football. In order to best address the quality of post-operative vision, astigmatism should be corrected. LRIs are extremely fine relaxing incisions made at the far edge of the cornea with a very precise diamond blade. The exact shape and placement depends on the amount of correction needed as well as customizing factors that vary with each patient. The procedure takes less than a minute and is painless. LRI’s are usually performed at the same time as any other procedure, so additional visits are not required.