Why Choose a Premium IOL?

If you have cataracts, you may need cataract surgery sooner or later. During this short procedure the natural lens of the eye is removed and is then replaced with an artificial lens, or IOL. There are several kinds of IOLs, including Premium Lenses, to choose from and it is important to consider the options before surgery. SoCal Eye Physicians in Long Beach are committed to providing information and answering all patient questions in order to help the patient make the right choice for them. One of the most frequent questions received is “Should I get Premium IOLs?”

Keep reading to learn more about your options and why you might want to consider Premium IOLs.

What Are Premium IOLs?

When you get cataract surgery, you can choose between standard and premium IOLs. A premium IOL is a type of lens that comes with more features compared to single vision ones. These lenses can address near, intermediate and long distance vision issues without requiring the use of eyeglasses or contact lenses.  Even patients with astigmatism can enjoy clear eyesight after cataract surgery.

If you have Medicare, it will usually cover standard IOLs but not premium lenses. Since premium IOLs come with more advanced features, they are more expensive and generally not covered by medical insurance.

IOL Types

There are several types of  lenses that your eye doctor can recommend. This recommendation should be based on your lifestyle and eye health.

Monofocal IOLs

The most basic option is called a monofocal IOL. These lenses only focus on one distance. An eye doctor may select a monofocal lens for near focus, mid-distance focus, or long-distance focus, but only one may be selected. While these IOLs tend to be less expensive than other options, patients may still need to wear glasses or contact lenses to supplement their eyesight.

Multifocal IOLs

In contrast to monofocal lenses, multifocal lenses help patients focus on both near and distance vision at the same time. These IOLs have special concentric rings that allow images at different distances to focus on the retina. While they take some time to get used to, most patients are excited to enjoy restored visual function and reduce their need for corrective eyewear.

Toric IOLs

Astigmatism occurs when the corneas are irregularly shaped. People with astigmatism may struggle with blurry vision even when wearing conventional contact lenses. The great news is that Toric IOLs are custom-made to correct astigmatism. This can have a profound impact on your life and day to day activities.

Light Adjustable Lens

The Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) by RxSight™ is an exciting new intraocular lens (IOL) technology that can be customized to a patient’s exact preferences after cataract surgery has been completed. Light Adjustable Lenses are made of a special photosensitive material that can be modified and reshaped by the targeted use of ultraviolet (UV) light from a Light Delivery Device (LDD). This reshaping can adjust the power of the lenses giving your eye surgeon the ability to adjust and preview a patient’s vision until it meets their personal desires and lifestyle requirements. LALs can also be used in the treatment of astigmatism.

Should You Get A Premium IOL?

Premium IOLs offer the possibility of freedom from glasses, but they are more expensive.

People choose premium IOLs when they:

  • Don’t have other eye problems

  • Don’t mind the extra out-of-pocket cost

  • Strongly dislike wearing glasses

Why Choose a Standard IOL?

Standard IOLs are less expensive, reliable, but most people will still need to wear glasses to see clearly at closer distances.

People choose standard IOLs when they:

  • Want the least-expensive option

  • Prefer to avoid side effects like glare and halos around lights

  • Don’t mind wearing glasses

  • Have other eye conditions, like dry eye, glaucoma, or macular degeneration, that could interfere with the precise technology used in premium IOLs

Which should I choose?

When it comes to premium IOLs, the final choice is up to you. SoCal Eye Physicians in Long Beach will take time during the initial Cataract Consultation to  outline the pros and cons of each lens option and answer any questions that the patient might have. Our goal is to help the patient find the right solution for them.

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