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Ophthalmologist: BOTOX Specialist in Long Beach

With over 6 million BOTOX treatments performed in the US every year, Botox Aficionados are often surprised to learn that many Ophthalmologists offer BOTOX as one of their services along with LASIK and Cataract Surgery. Given that BOTOX originated in Ophthalmology practices as treatment for clinical eye conditions such as eye spasms it is easy to understand the connection.  SoCal Eye in Long Beach is a leading Ophthalmology practice that began using BOTOX over 15 years ago, first in a clinical application and in recent years as a cosmetic treatment for fighting wrinkles. SoCal Eye doctors bring a level of knowledge, training and assurance that is hard to get from other healthcare professionals.

Clinical BOTOX Treatments.

Today BOTOX® Cosmetic injections are most commonly known for reducing the appearance of wrinkles in certain areas of the face but the origins of the treatment are based on it’s clinical applications. In 1989, BOTOX was originally developed by a team of ophthalmologists to treat various conditions of the eye including eyelid spasms and muscular disorders that controlled eyelid movements and eye placement. Conditions such as strabismus and blepharospasm. A Botox injection delivered to multiple injection sites in the eye and eyebrow was found to weaken the contractions and block the nerve signals sent between the muscles surrounding the eye. It was found to quell the spasms and calm uncontrolled eyelid movements. As a by product of these procedures, it was also discovered that the injections diminished and softened the wrinkles around the eyes and new cosmetic application for BOTOX was born.

Cosmetic BOTOX Treatments

Over time and with further research, BOTOX was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for cosmetic purposes in 2002. BOTOX injections are now an approved cosmetic treatment for treating most areas of the face most commonly prone to wrinkles… Furrowed brows, crow’s feet and smile lines. Many of the preferred injection sites for cosmetic BOTOX are still in the vicinity of the eyes and eyebrows and Ophthalmologists expertise in these areas of the face is still highly beneficial.

SoCal Eye: BOTOX Specialist in Long Beach

Ophthalmologists continue to provide BOTOX treatments for both clinical and cosmetic purposes. SoCal Eye has become a popular destination for both types of BOTOX treatment in Long Beach and patients can be reassured that their treatments will be administered by doctors who have expertise and understanding of the complex muscles around the eyes, impact on eyelids and the overall health of patients.  In addition to Botox,  SoCal Eye offers dermal fillers such as RESTYLANE ® and JUVÉDERM® that also have their origins in Ophthalmology.

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