Why Lasik? Reason#1

Exercising While Wearing Eye Glasses is Not Fun.

Working out and exercising with eye glasses can be irritating and bothersome. As your temperature rises and the sweat starts to flow it is inevitable that your glasses will get in the way at the worst possible time. First they start to fog and then the sweat covers and blurs the lenses and before long you are stopping mid stride to wipe them off. Maybe they begin to slide off your face at an inopportune time which may not be safe….maybe they fall on the ground and break. Why do I put up with this?   In the 20 years that SoCal Eye doctors have been performing LASIK surgery in Southern California, this is the #1 motivation for patients to consider laser eye surgery.

Here are some tips and ideas from SoCal Eye to exercise safely when wearing eye glasses;

 Get a Strap or Band.

Many people use a strap to hold their glasses in place while exercising. This can help glasses to stay on and in place even during a rigorous workout. Although it doesn’t solve the problem of sweat on the lenses.

 Bring a Cleaning Cloth or Len Wipe.

Having a cleaning cloth or lens wipe at the ready will mean that when you are wiping away the sweat you won’t experience that annoying smudging. It doesn’t solve the problem either but it’s a good practice.

Frames that Fit.

When your frames fit properly, they are more likely to stay in place. Make sure that they are adjusted at your next visit to the optometrist or ask for recommendations on frames that are better suited for an active lifestyle.  However, even with the best frames, you’ll still have the hassles of glasses and foggy lenses.

Switch to Contact Lenses.

Many people opt for contacts during exercise. They eliminate many of the annoyances of glasses use, but they are not right for every patient. Some people have trouble wearing contacts due to eye irritation or frequent infections.

….. and then there is LASIK.

Athletes and weekend warriors alike have tried many of the workarounds but at the end of the day the solutions are partial at best.  LASIK offers a fundamental freedom for eyeglass wearers. Freedom from smudging and blurring lenses and freedom from slipping, sliding and tumbling frames. Many people who exercise regularly or engage in an active lifestyle have turned to LASIK and been delighted by the results.  If you are into aquatic sports like surfing, swimming or water polo there may not be any other options.

SoCal Eye – LASIK Long Beach

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