Q: I’m about to be 60 and I’m interested in LASIK for my 22-year-old daughter and myself. Is she too young? Am I too old?

A: Fortunately, based on solely your ages, LASIK is a viable vision correction option for you both! At least, your ages alone would not be disqualifier for either of you. Generally, LASIK is not recommended on individuals younger than 18 years of age because changes are still happening with the eye at this age and it is not uncommon for older generations to have a LASIK procedure done either. When you reach your 60s, the eyes generally go through a final change and sometimes cataracts are detected. However, if someone is in their 50s or 60s and hasn’t developed cataracts, age would not limit them from LASIK.


With that said, many patients in their 60s have the beginning form of cataracts. If any sign of cataracts is detected, your SoCal Eye surgeon might elect to perform RLE or Refractive Lens Exchange. RLE is a procedure exactly like cataract surgery in which the eyes natural lens is replaced with an artificial lens. If you’re a good candidate, your SoCal Eye Surgeon might be able to perform RLE with a premium lens implant which can reduce or possibly eliminate your need for reading glasses or bifocals following cataract removal.



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